How to Manage Money: Personal Finance Guide For Widows

This gives some basic understanding on the first steps after you’ve “lost” your spouse. Even though it is a guide for Widows, it would also apply to women going through divorce.

Managing your money after the loss of your husband can be very daunting.

This article at helps to give you an idea of what to do next.

The grief of losing a spouse often has to be set aside to deal with practical matters: the new reality of handling finances as an individual rather than as a couple.It is not an easy journey. But it can be managed by getting organized, delaying big money decisions and putting off well-meaning friends and relatives who want to “help.”After the household bills are paid and you have a handle on how much money is coming in each month, take your time wading through other financial matters. Read on to learn what the experts advise on how to manage money as you enter this new stage of life.




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