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Here’s to achieving a much Happier Life in 2018…..

I am a believer that whatever I need to know, comes to me when I need it most.  It’s been over 4 years since my divorce was finalized and it is still a struggle — sometimes daily.  I know that your individual difficulties may be different than mine; you may be feeling despair, desperation, unhappiness […]

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5 biggest divorce mistakes financially

Attorneys say that if both you and your ex-spouse feel like you came out of your divorce thinking you gave up a lot, your settlement was probably fair. Maybe, but often your settlement’s results appear only after you live with them for a while. Source: 5 biggest divorce mistakes financially

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Innocent spouse tax relief: Overview of the IRS Requirements

The IRS has the power to release a spouse from direct financial liability for unpaid taxes. This release from responsibility from having to pay tax debts of the other spouse (or estranged spouse) is called innocent spouse relief. The IRS will conduct an evaluation of the spouse’s education, work experience, relationship status (still married, divorced, […]

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