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10 reasons WHY small businesses should work more closely with an accountant…and Prosper in 2015 – Ahlstrom Advantage

Pros·per (verb) succeed in material terms; be financially successful. “his business prospered” flourish physically; grow strong and healthy. We don’t think about it, but TO PROSPER should definitely be at the top of the priority list.  Isn’t it why we got into business in the first place?  When the small business owner is first starting out […]

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Can this Retirement be Saved?

CAN THIS RETIREMENT BE SAVED? After your DIVORCE, with too little saved?  I don’t know about you, but I know about me – after I went through my divorce I was back to ground zero.  Everything that we had accumulated during our marriage suddenly disappeared.  Since my ex had quit his job we only had […]

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How to Manage Money: Personal Finance Guide For Widows

How to Manage Money: Personal Finance Guide For Widows This gives some basic understanding on the first steps after you’ve “lost” your spouse. Even though it is a guide for Widows, it would also apply to women going through divorce. Managing your money after the loss of your husband can be very daunting. This article […]

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